Ambient Bangs

Exhibition at ACTUAL gallery in Winnipeg, curated by Lisa Kehler

September 4 to October 4, 2014


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Interview with Courtney R. Thompson

Review in Winnipeg Free Press by Steven Leyden Cochrane 


Actual is pleased to present Ambient BangsRobert Taites first solo exhibition with the gallery. Taite continues his exploration of certain, specific materials associated with painting and interior design. The title reflects the contradictions that Taite feels towards art-making and other forms of communication in general. The works included are developed through systems of trial and error Taite believes belong more to the history of painting rather than sculpture, despite the pieces’ three-dimensionality. Formal ideas are abandoned and reused in new arrangements, so that unexpected nuances, anomalies and surprises occur that could not have been envisioned at the start. They are collections of compounded ideas worked through by exploring the various possibilities of material transformation.

Taite states, “I have a resistance towards mark making, and let the built objects and materials operate as paint does in traditional two-dimensional painting. However, because it takes longer to construct the objects than to make a mark with a brush, the process is inherently different and slower, yet the attitude remains. It’s about creating, solving and purposefully not solving problems”.



All photos Ashley Gillanders